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614 Main Street
Pleasanton, CA, 94566
United States

(925) 399-5838

We offer you handmade skin care products made from the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. Every item we create is organic, non-toxic, and highly effective.


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Beard Love: Father's Day Gift Set

Wendy Schulte

For Father’s Day get your HERO this beard care set! Great for all beards new and mature!

Set comes with:

1 bottle – SASQUWASH Beard-Poo Beard wash (LARGE 8 oz) PICK YOUR SCENT

1 bottle – THE MECHANIC Beard oil (LARGE 2 oz) – Sandalwood Musk Scent

1 bottle – TAME Beard Balm (Large 2 oz) PICK YOUR SCENT

Gift box and wrapping

**SASQUWASH Beard-Poo Beard wash (LARGE 8 oz)**

Available in 2 amazing blend of scents:

Sexy Beast – Woodsy blend of Pine and mint oils

Wild Thing – Musky blend with Vanilla and Frankincense

“This beastly wash helps keep beards grime-free, soft, and supple. Mild grit exfoliates follicles while moisturizing so well it’ll make fellow mythical beings jealous. Gentle giant be warned: your newly washed scruff may attract the attention of she-kind.”

**THE MECHANIC Beard Oil (LARGE 2 oz)**

Scents Available:

Sandalwood Musk

Frank’n Pine

“Tune your scruff with this stuff!”

FIT FOR A KING! 2 x Bigger than the usual run of the mill Beard Oil and Packed with skin and follicle moisturizing oils. Non-greasy and great to keep beards tangle-free and soft.
Special! Made with Genuine Sandalwood Essential oil.

**TAME Beard Balm (LARGE 2 oz)**

Available in 2 amazing blend of scents:

Black Magic – Musky and spicy blend with Myrrh and Frankincense Essential oils

Euca-Lime – Bright scent of Lime and woodsy Eucalyptus

2 x Bigger than most Beard Balms TAME is great to calm frazzled hairs and conditions down to the root. High quality oils like jojoba also help to keep skin underneath healthy.

Grab this Beard Care set now! Currently 20% off!