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We offer you handmade skin care products made from the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. Every item we create is organic, non-toxic, and highly effective.


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Life In Color

Wendy Schulte

Halloween is coming and its the perfect time to make a fun change to your hair color! This week I have been preparing my hair for a huge change. How did i do it?

Here we go:

Day 1: Head and scalp massage with The Tortoise essential oil roller. The oils help strengthen and leave a protective layer on your scalp.

Day 2: Coconut oil wrap – take coconut oil and massage into your locks leave in as long as you can, over night is the best


My good friend Jasmine (@jquiiin on insagram) at my local salon The Cuttery did the bleaching job. Those who don’t know how to properly bleach hair please make sure you don’t ruin your locks without proper knowledge of how to bleach! Always go to a trusted beautician.

While bleaching we did some much needed comic relief photos.. after all patience is a virtue! One thing we learned is hair bleaches the way it wants to.. sometimes evenly sometimes very stubbornly.

Thanks to my hubby Lucas Schulte for bringing me yummy food and my baby Samantha to visit us while we waited for my naughty hair to finish bleaching to the right shade. 3 hours later….

Super blondie! Time to dry. I admit there was a moment I wanted to keep it.. only a moment I swear. I couldn’t stop now we finally got the light shade of blonde! Moments later….

You ready? TA DA!!!!!!

I just freak’n LOVE it!

Its the perfect mix of Punk Rock and Mermaid <3

Over all the colors used were Sparks Light blue, Vibrant Blue, Lime Green, Silver, and Purple.

Tightness in the scalp is normal for a few days and some people may even get headaches so keep your Quack Essential oil Roller nearby!

Over the next few days we will do a few scalp and hair masks so stay tuned! Ciao!