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1 Stoneridge Mall Road #A112
Pleasanton, CA, 94588
United States

(510) 634-2229

Our Products

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Pursuit for Natural Skin-Care

Our mission: Put Good In, Get Good Out

We offer you handmade skin care products made from the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. Every item we create is organic, non-toxic, and highly effective. We believe you should love the skin you're in and by adding the power of nature we provide the most natural way to keep your exterior glowing!
Did you know it only takes 15 seconds for products to absorb into your skin and bloodstream? Its the major reason we use organic and fair trade ingredients that combine essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality.
We follow a simple guideline: put good in and get good out. You won't find any fragrances or colorants in our products and we will never use any synthetic chemical ingredients. We believe that daily bathing and skin care rituals should be enjoyable - a way to wind down from your daily your hectic routine.

Believe In Truly Natural Skin Care - Ethically Made In Small Batches
We grow most of our herbs and roast spices in-house

Our goal is to make your everyday skin care products as natural as possible and free of harmful chemicals.  In fact, we grow most of our herbs and roast our spices in-house. 

All of our products are 100% natural, not 95%, not 99%, 100%. We don't believe in good enough.

We say NO to animal testing! We only use eager human subjects.

We are semi-tree huggers and we love our little blue planet, you’ll find only BPA-free recyclable containers.

Our products are made with the purest high quality ingredients and NEVER with “fragrance oils”. We don’t use the F-word here. Every scented product is made with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils along with herbs and spices. 

Don’t Use the F-Word
Treat Your Body Like Your Life Depends On It
— Wendy & Lucas Schulte