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1376 Stoneridge Mall Road
Pleasanton, CA, 94588
United States

(510) 634-2229

We offer you handmade skin care products made from the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. Every item we create is organic, non-toxic, and highly effective.

Moo-Sturize Wrapped Spa 6-Peice Gift Set


Moo-Sturize Wrapped Spa 6-Peice Gift Set


Moo-Sturize Wrapped Spa 6-Peice Gift Set


Skin is a breathing living organ that needs to be nurtured to shine, MOO-STURIZE Wrapped gift set is here to do just that. 

Say Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas with our gift set that is beautifully wrapped shipped right to your door. 

Everything in this set from our lavender grain sugar scrub to our facial grains is made to make your skin happy. Pair up our facial grains with your favorite facial cleanser while you soak away in our milk'n honey bath bomb. MOO-STURIZE Skin food is here to please!

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MOO-STURIZE Wrapped Gift by Good Common Sense is made with 100% organic ingredients and NO CHEMICALS!  

20% off this set!! (Retail Value: $40.50)

Moo-Sturize Wrapped Gift Set Includes: 

(1) Camoflauge Facial Cleansing Grains CALMING - Everyday use Facial Grains will keep skin lustrously clean and glowing, added bonus: add to any facial cleanser for a pleasant exfoliating wash, or simply add water to make a mask

(1) The Sensitive Exorcist - Lavender Sugar Scrub

(1) Milk'n Honey Bath Bomb - our most sensitive bath bomb yet! Sulfate Free! 

(1) TORTOISE Lip Balm - Lavender Rosemary Lip Repair Balm

(1) Facial Towel

(1) Ribbon Hair Tie

We use pure grade essential oils for all our skin care products for the highest quality of essential oils that can be absorbed safely into skin and actually have a nutritional positive effect. We don't use the "F" word here. We do not use fragrance in any of our products!

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