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We offer you handmade skin care products made from the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. Every item we create is organic, non-toxic, and highly effective.

RockStar - Mom to Be Wrapped Gift Set


RockStar - Mom to Be Wrapped Gift Set

Rockstar Mom Gift Set 2.jpg
Rockstar Mom Gift Set.jpg
Rockstar Mom Gift Set 2.jpg
Rockstar Mom Gift Set.jpg

RockStar - Mom to Be Wrapped Gift Set


Being a new mom can exhausting, there's lots of trial and error, things are crazy most days and sleepless most nights but most of all, its amazing.

Tell the new mommy in your life how much you love and understand what she's going through.

Good Common Sense introduces: The RockStar Mom to Be survival kit

This kit comes with:
(1) Essential Oil Roller: THE HARE
(1) Essential Oil Roller: THE TORTOISE
(1) Disappearing Act (2 oz)
(1) Muddy Butts - Diaper Rash Balm

2 bottles of 10ml essential oils each. This is a great replacement for perfumes as babies are extremely sensitive and harsh chemical perfumes can be irritating.

The Hare: Our Revitalization blend gives her back her energy when she needs it most.

The Tortoise: Our Relaxation Anti-Anxiety blend helps her when she's wigged out and just needs to sit back for a moment. This blend is also great for sleep and aromatherapy.

For her skin: We created Disappearing Act I

New mommies this one goes to you! Your body is changing rapidly during pregnancy and not to mention stretching! This whipped butter melts easily and the skin absorbs it easily. Great for pregnant bellies and post-baby bellies.

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Olea Europaea (Olive Oil),
Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa Nut butter),
Butyrospermum parkii (Shea Butter),
Arrowroot powder,
Geranium Essential Oil,
Lavender Essential oil,
Myrrh Essential Oil,
Helichrysum Essential Oil

For baby: "Muddy Butts" Diaper rash Balm (Safe to use for cloth diapers!)
Ouch! those tushies sure do move a lot! Keep them on the move with our diaper rash balm. We made this balm safer for cloth diapers and easy to melt on contact creating a barrier for chaffed and tender butts! Essential oils are safe to use on babies with proper dilution. This has no colorants or fragrances or chemicals, no GMO, no chemical processing of ANY kind.

Top Quality Ingredients:
Cocos nucifera (Coconut Oil)
Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter)
Maranta arundinacea (Arrowroot Powder)
Cera Alba (Beeswax)
Lavender Essential Oil (diluted for baby)
Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (diluted for baby)

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We pride in making gift sets and special occasion packages. If you don't find one that is just perfect for you, message us! We will do our very best to serve you.

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We use pure grade essential oils for all our skin care products for the highest quality of essential oils that can be absorbed safely into the skin and actually have a nutritional positive effect. We don't use the "F" word here. We do not use fragrance in any of our products!

Please read:
***Know your allergies!*** Please read the ingredients listed. We care! So if you are not sure... test on a small area or try another product of ours that you are sure not to be allergic to!

This product is not intended to cure or diagnose any disease or illness; rather a natural alternative. Always consult a medical doctor when suffering from any disease, illness, or injury. This company
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