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We offer you handmade skin care products made from the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. Every item we create is organic, non-toxic, and highly effective.

Silver Armor Essential Oil Roller 7 Piece Gift Set


Silver Armor Essential Oil Roller 7 Piece Gift Set


Silver Armor Essential Oil Roller 7 Piece Gift Set


This gift set is like giving the finger to the world, saying "NOPE! Not today!", waving bye to pathogens, stresses of life, the inability to focus, and wide eye sleepless nights. 

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This wrapped gift set comes with our 4 top essential oils blends: IMMORTAL, HARE, TORTOISE, & QUACK in 10mL roller bottles.. some might even call it an arsenal, a holistic medicine cabinet, or an army*.

This essential oil box set is filled with our best-selling massage oils in 10 mL glass essential oil roller bottles.

We hand fill the highest quality essential oils into each bottle and this set offers a whopping 20% off regular pricing, it is easy to see why this massage oil set is cherished by our customers.  

The purchase of this listing includes the following glass baby roll essential oil rollers: 

(1) Immortal Roll (10 ml)
(1) The Tortoise Roll (10 ml) 
(1) The Quack Roll (10 ml) 
(1) The Hare Roll (10 ml) 
(1) Lip Balm: Tortoise
(1) Hair Tie

(1) Silver Carrying Case

Each of these Roll Baby Roll rollers features a sensual blend of pure grade essential oils expertly blended to give you a wide range of benefits.  

While we cannot make medical claims, we can share what these oils are purported to do for you and your lover! 

The Immortal Roll features a blend of clove and cinnamon meant to spice you up and keep you strong during even the harshest cough and cold season.  

The Tortoise Roll is an amazing blend of lavender and clary sage meant to inspire strength and a sense of calm.  

The Quack Roll combines lavender and peppermint and some of our customers swear by its assistance with pesky headaches and bug bites.  

Finally our newest product, the Hare Roll is an energizing mixture of lemongrass and Cypress for an earthy citrus boost to wake up even the dullest of minds. 

As with all massage oils, essential oils, or skincare products we recommend testing a small amount on your skin first. Be aware of your allergies, and if you experience any adverse effects please contact your medical care provider.