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We offer you handmade skin care products made from the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. Every item we create is organic, non-toxic, and highly effective.

Swish & Flick Shaving Gift Set - Citrus


Swish & Flick Shaving Gift Set - Citrus


Swish & Flick Shaving Gift Set - Citrus


Need a gift for a guy in your life? This gift set is jam packed with the best stuff on earth! This grooming kit comes packed with our easy 3 step shaving process: PRIME Preshave oil, CLIFFHANGER Fluffy lathering Shaving Cream, and QUENCH Alcohol-Free After Shave.  On sale Now! 

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The Swish & Flick Shaving Gift Set is everything you need to get that close shave.. naturally! Prime up with soothing hand blended castor oil for a nice close shave and lather up with our whipped shaving cream and bring out smooth silky skin. We've stirred up woodsy pine oils and skin soothing aloe with sweet almond oil for the closest, softest shave possible. Kiss razor burns goodbye with our alcohol-free aloe aftershave and say hello to silky smooth, perfectly soothed skin.

Choose from our

Woods Collection including: Prime Mint + Woods & Cliffhanger Shaving Cream Euca-Wood


Citrus Collection Including: Prime Orange Killa +Cliffhanger Shaving Cream Morning Wood

Each Set comes with: 

1 bottle - PRIME Pre-Shave Oil 2 oz 

1 tub - CLIFFHANGER Shaving Cream 8 oz

1 bottle - Quench Cooling Aftershave 4 oz

We include a free lip balm in each set as an added bonus!

Gift Box and Wrapping included.

Description of each item: 

#1 PRIME Pre-Shave Oil (Large 2 oz)

Available in: 

Cool Mint- Mint and Woodsy Tea Tree Essential oils

Orange-killa- Blend of citrus and Sweet Vanilla, some say it smells just like an Orange smoothie.

A razor on its own can only do so much. Put up a barrier of friction reducing oils & make nicks a thing of the past. Our pre-shave oil preps your skin and whiskers ready for a close shave. Oils soften the skin and hair while lifting the hairs from the skin. Empower your razor!

TO USE: Prior to shaving massage oil to cover desired area in an upward motion to help lift & soften hair.

INGREDIENTS: Castor oil, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed oil, Sunflower oil, Olive oil, Proprietary blend of Essential oils

#2 CLIFFHANGER Shave Butter ( LARGE 8 oz)

Available in

Euca-wood-lime - Our blend of woodsy and a splash of citrus

Morning Wood - One of our best selling soaps scent comes to visit our Shave butter made with Citrus and Herb scents with a hint of Spearmint. It's truly arousing! 

Let your blade take you to the edge. Works great with all types razors and gives a close shave.
Made with all natural Aloe Vera and Shea butter that will leave skin dangerously smooth. CLIFFHANGER shaving Cream is made with whipped butters when when lathered on to skin lightly foams for a smooth shave. Best when used with PRIME Pre-Shave Oil. Detergent-Free; Made with all natural Ingredients! 

To use : Apply cream to area to be shaved. Butter melts on contact. For best results
let stand for 15 seconds. Rinse after shaving. Tip: Shave with warm water and apply in butter in sections. 

Ingredients; Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Vegetable Glycerin, Arrowroot powder,Potassium Hydroxide**, Citric Acid, Hemp oil, Phenoxyethanol*, Caprylyl Glycol*, Sorbic Acid*(*Preservative without parabens or formaldehyde) 

#3 QUENCH Aftershave (Large 4 oz) 

Feel the burn? Drench in Quench! This alcohol-free aftershave nourishes skin with jojoba oil while Aloe puts out Hell's flame. Witch hazel and Aloe Vera as an alternate astringent and antiseptic helps heal while moisturizing skin. Jojoba Oil helps put skin's natural oils back after your shave. The rock star of this product is the essential oils we packed into it. Frankincense helps support skin's healthy cellular function* and Tea Tree helps promotes healthy immune function* Does the screaming needed. 

To Use: Spray into palm or into a cotton ball and pat all over recently shaved area.

All Natural Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel,  Witch hazel, Jojoba oil, Vegetable glycerin, Menthol Oil, Tea Tree Essential oil, Lavender Essential oil, Frankincense Essential oil, Geranium Essential oil. 

We use pure therapeutic grade essential oils for all our The Exorcist Sugar Scrubs for the highest quality of essential oils that can be absorbed safely into skin and actually have a nutritional positive effect. We don't use the "F" word here. We do not use fragrance in any of our products!


Please read the ingredients listed. 

Please remember we are not here to diagnose anyone's aliments. We choose to use essential oils for their natural properties and understand that powerful plants and their oils have been used for centuries to heal. However that being said we do not offer to heal or diagnose any illness or injury. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.