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Gourd-geous PSL Bath Bomb


Gourd-geous PSL Bath Bomb

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Gourd-geous PSL Bath Bomb


Limited edition holiday bath bombs are here! 

Try not to drink your bath water! No... seriously don't drink it. 

When the first leaf falls... PSL! Our pumpkin spice dunk is handmade and made with real pumpkin, a real treat! Only thing left to do is grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and draw a bath.

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Gourd-geous also comes in a SENSITIVE version of the bath bomb, made without epsom salts, mineral micas, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate.

To use: Draw a bath tub of warm water and drop in your bath bomb. Watch it fizz and release skin loving oils into your bath. Its always good rule of thumb to rinse all over after a bath with a bath bomb.

This is a bath bomb to remember! We do not use any colorants or fragrance oils in our products only 100% natural ingredients:

Sodium Bicarbonate
Citric Acid
Magnesium Sulfate
sodium lauryl sulfoacetate
Coconut oil
Clove Essential Oil
Cassia Essential Oil
Ginger Essential Oil
Orange Essential Oil
Cardomon Essential Oil
Mineral Mica

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Please read the ingredients listed.

Please remember we are not here to diagnose anyone's aliments. We choose to use essential oils for their natural properties and understand that powerful plants and their oils have been used for centuries to heal. However that being said we do not offer to heal or diagnose any illness or injury.

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